Jasmine Wooton is now a Pilot!

Thank you, thank you to the University of Portland for welcoming Jasmine into their family.  We'd also like to thank all of the college coaches and players involved in the recruiting process for making this a very pleasant experience, particularly Coach Jason Flowers (CSUN), Coach Faith Mimnaugh (Cal Poly), Coach Erik Johnson (Denver), Coach Sean Kelley (Portland), Coach Shayla Johnson (Portland) and of course coach Jim Sollars (Portland).

We'd also like to send special thanks to Coach Charles Solomon of Balboa Hills for all of his help this summer, and Coaches Michelle Chevalier and Sheldon Emmer of Chatsworth High for all their help and support over the past three years.

Additional thanks go out to Coach Charles White (Pierce College), Coach Andre Chevalier (Oaks Christian), Coach Melissa Hearlihy (Harvard-Westlake), Gerald Hood (Northridge Pacers), Walter and Miriam King, Erik and Allyson Menzies and anyone else we may have inadvertently overlooked.

And last but certainly not least, thank you Lord for blessing Jasmine with the gifts that got her to this point.