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Team:  Balboa Hills Elite
Coach:  Charles Solomon/Vicky Oganyan
Jersey:  3
Position:  Guard/Forward
Class:  2011
Points:  Not compiled yet
Assists: Not compiled yet
Blocks:  Not compiled yet
Rebounds:  Not compiled yet
Steals:  Not compiled yet
Summer Schedule

April 10-11

California Classic

June 5-6

Swift Hawaiian Classic

April 17-18

Tournament of Champions Los Angeles

June 21-23

Team Camp (Long Beach State)

May 15-16

West Coast Premiere Invitational

July 6-9

End Of The Trail (Portland, OR)

May 22-23

Cal Sparks Graduation Games

July 20-25

Oasis Invitational (Phoenix, AZ)


All-Tournament Teams: Tournament of Champions, End Of The Trail

Game Videos